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Bethel AME Church
32 Courtland Street, Woodbury, NJ     
3 pm to 5 pm, Saturday, Nov. 17 (Doors open @ 2pm)
No Reservations required
Contact: Donna at 856-845-1965
Shore House Homeless Mission – CHRISTMAS BRUNCH
[Partnering with Bethel AME Church]
32 Courtland Street, Woodbury, NJ
11 am to 1 pm, Saturday, Dec. 1
RSVP to Barbara Bash – 856-308-1831
Cecil Deliverance Tabernacle
1110 Coles Mill Rd., Williamstown, NJ
6 pm to 8 pm, Wednesday, Nov. 21
No Reservations required
Transportation available for Williamstown residents - 
They just need to call
Contact: Carmen Woods, 856-629-9818
Delsea Regional High School
242 Fries Mill Road, Franklinville, NJ
11 am to 1 pm, Thursday, Nov. 22
Reservations required, transportation available
Contact: Debra Tucker at 856-697-2546 
Please RSVP by Friday, November 9, 2018.  Leave message on answering machine Monday – Friday, from 10am-2pm
Highland Regional High School
450 Erial Road, Blackwood, NJ 08012
1 pm to 6pm, Sunday, Nov. 18
No Reservations required
Contact: Karen for more information at 856-228-5050
Sponsored by Bethel Christian Church
Woodbury Family Success Center
(Hispanic Family Service Center)
21 Delaware St., Suite 2B, Woodbury
3:30pm to 5:30pm Tuesday, Nov. 20
Please register before date of event (Nov. 20)
Contact: Reception at 856-848-7150 ext. 420
Quest Movement
VFW Hall – Glassboro Post
275 Wilmer Street, Glassboro, NJ
11am to 1pm, Thursday, Nov. 22
No reservation required, take-out dinner & deliveries available
Contact: Rev. Dennis Lee at 609-319-7280
Straight-Line Church
207 3rd Avenue
Westville, NJ 08093
2pm to 5pm Sunday, Nov 18
Contact: Omega 856-456-4588
Please RSVP by Monday, November 12, 2018.  Leave message on answering machine.


Bethany Grace Community Church
31 North Pearl Street, Bridgeton, NJ    
11 am to 1 pm, Thursday, Nov. 22
No Reservations required
Contact: 856-451-4601 / 856-378-6975 or email
Salvation Army (Millville)
733 East Chestnut Ave., Vineland, NJ 
12 pm, Thursday, Nov. 22
No Reservations required
Contact: 856-696-5050

Salvation Army
115 W Broadway, Salem, NJ
Thursday, Nov. 13
Distributing Baskets only
Contact: 856-935-0305

The October Heart of South Jersey newsletter is now online. Get ideas for fall craft ideas and mark your calendar for the US Stage Door Canteen Variety Show.   Read the history and background of the Gloucester County COAD. 

Be sure to check back regularly to get our latest news updates.

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Click to see a list of locations in Gloucester, Cumberland and Salem County.

Caregiving is a valuable position in our community which often goes unrecognized. Let's look at what National Family Caregivers Month is and how you can celebrate it.

If you want to live a more altruistic lifestyle, take advantage of the season of fall to dive into getting involved. Here are five fun ways to give back this fall.

If you strive to live an intentionally altruistic lifestyle, you’ve come to the right place to learn more. Here are seven ideas for random acts of kindness.

Fundraisers are an important way to give back to your school and raise money to support causes you care about. However, fundraisers aren’t the only way to get involved.

Learn about the many services of this unique and much needed resource, which has been serving Gloucester County for 35 years.

If you want to take advantage of the last summer days and commemorate Family Fun Month with your loved ones, here are four ideas to celebrate this August.

When you have an efficient morning routine, you set an effective tone for the rest of the day. Here are five ways to establish a productive morning routine.

Learn more about the People for People Foundation, the parent agency for Heart of South Jersey.

The Samaritan Center of Glassboro, Inc.

The Pascal Sykes Foundation has been for the low-income, working-class families of South Jersey. Founded in 1992, the Monmouth County-based foundation for the past several years has funded some major initiatives to remove the roadblocks from the path to success of the working poor. By the time the foundation finishes its work and closes in four or five years, it will have spent more than $50 million strengthening South Jersey families.

The Family Strengthening Network is a nonprofit group based in Bridgeton that works with families on financial stability, jobs, relationships, education and faith in Cumberland, Gloucester and Salem counties. The network is one of the groups that work with the Pascale Sykes Foundation, which has spent more than 25 years helping New Jersey’s low-income, working families through the Whole Family Approach, an idea that everyone in the family must actively participate in order to achieve goals. Foundation representatives will spoke at the National Health and Human Services Summit in Arlington, Virginia, on May 7, 2018, putting the foundation’s approach in the national spotlight.

Learn about this amazing volunteer performance group.

Teenagers are our future; by building them up and encouraging them—even if they’re not our own children—we can create a better future for generations to come.

Pascale Sykes Foundation to Present Whole Family Approach at 2018 APHSA National Health and Human Services Summit
Pascale Sykes Foundation to Present Whole Family Approach at 2018 APHSA National Health and Human Services Summit

Frances P. Sykes, President of the Pascale Sykes Foundation, today announced the Foundation will host a panel on its Whole Family Approach at the 2018 American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) National Health and Human Services Summit on May 7, 2018. The event will be held May 6-9, 2018, at the Marriott Gateway Crystal City, in Arlington, VA.

Sykes and the Pascale Sykes Foundation’s Whole Family Approach took the national spotlight in 2017 when it hosted “Working Together For Working Families” at Cumberland Community College in Vineland, NJ. The one-day conference attracted more than 300 attendees, bringing together renowned family experts such as Mia Birdsong, Thaddeus Ferber, Majorie Sims, Joyce Thomas, David Smith and Anthony Cipollone, as well as famed New York Times Columnist David Brooks.

“The Whole Family Approach targets working, low-income families with two adults at the head of household and at least one adult employed,” said Sykes, whose Foundation has supported the integrity, independence and well-being of working, low-income families over the past 25 years. “The data from numerous studies as well as data from our grantees demonstrate that adults and children thrive best when there are two responsible, dependable, reliable adults working toward family well-being. Ideally it’s Mom and Dad. However, if that’s not possible, a close relative or friend could be integrally involved with the household, serving as a support for family members.”
The Whole Family Approach works with all family members, as they work to define, prioritize and achieve common goals for the family’s well-being. Just as one adult cannot do it alone, one agency cannot do it alone, either. Thus, the Whole Family Approach relies on multi-agency, collaborative efforts, with collaborative members working together to develop one common mission, common calendar and offerings of varied services. Data sharing and frequent communication are essential to effectively serve and strengthen families.

The panel, a case-based presentation that will be led by Sykes, will draw upon lessons learned from applying the Whole Family Approach in areas ranging from small towns in rural South Jersey to New York City’s urban-based environment.

Rich Nichols of Family Strengthening Network, which operates in the three poorest counties of New Jersey, will speak to how their collaboration utilizes “family advocates” to assist whole families in structuring the plans needed to successfully achieve financial, relationship and child well-being goals.

Paula Sarro of Familia Adelante/Families Forward will discuss the process by which four agencies came together to successfully form their collaboration, while developing a common mission and establishing procedures for collaborative operations, inter-agency communication and data sharing.

As part of the 90-minute panel, 10 minutes will be allotted for questions by the moderator and the floor and answers by the panel members.

Pascale Sykes Foundation to Present Whole Family Approach, APHSA 2018

Tom Veevers

Tips for Parenting, Turkey-Bean Chili, ABC: Daniele Spence, GC COAD

Daniele Spence

February 2018 Newsletter
February 2018 Newsletter

Life Skills for Kids, Winter Meals to Warm Your Heart, Bob Dallesando....

SMART Resolutions, Cut Ties With Your Cable Bill, ABC-2017's Greatest Hits, Dairy Free Butternut Squash Soup, Budgeting Classes

December Newsletter
December Newsletter

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Veteran Preference Housing - coming soon -

Photo and Vendor Archive

Check out the Purelands Shuttle's new website.

Twenty women were selected by South Jersey Magazine as this year's SUPERWOMEN, among them, our very own Bernadette Blackstock.

Creating, expanding and running a small nonprofit brings with it an array of challenges. Some are unavoidable, but the impact of many of them can be reduced by tapping the experience and ideas of one’s peers. Unfortunately, running a nonprofit leaves little time for interacting with them. The People for People Foundation of Gloucester County has decided to remedy that problem by sponsoring a free initiative for local nonprofits we have named COTT: the Community Outreach Think Tank. COTT’s initial goal is to provide a regular venue for small nonprofits in South Jersey at which they can meet, share experiences, ask for advice, and exchange ideas emerging from their day-to-day labors helping those in need. See this Encore issue that contains some of our most popular article. Special thanks to Atlantic City Electric for sponsorship of this initiative.

It’s not always enough to do good. To attract support and build trust one has to be seen to be doing so. This has certainly been true for American nonprofits working to address urgent problems and answer pressing needs. After all, contributions to a cause depend to a large extent on the visibility (and visible impact) of a charity and on the effectiveness with which it is perceived to be using its resources. The need to communicate clearly to donors and to the general public the seriousness and care with which funds are being spent has taken on an added urgency in recent years, as a poll conducted by The Chronicle of Philanthropy in 2015 demonstrates. Click the title to see more on this topic.

New Jersey’s Heartland is comprised of Cumberland, Gloucester, Salem, and Western Atlantic Counties and the newest initiative of the Pascale Sykes Foundation.

GC Disability Employment Job Fair and Resource Event

Meet with employers with job openings and gain more insight on employment opportunities in the community

When: Thursday, July 28, 2016
Where: Gloucester County Adult Center for Transition,.530 Salina Road, Sewell, NJ 08080
Time: 9:00am - 12:00pm

Dress for Success - Bring Copies of Your Resume


For more information go to or call (856) 384-6963